Integrated project
on liquefaction and sale of natural gas


Integrated project
on liquefaction and sale of natural gas
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"Sibir-Energo" company is the initiator of the implementation of an integrated project for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and its consumption infrastructure development in Kemerovo region.

The implementation of this project lies within the framework of state policy and corresponds to the priority areas of modernization of the Russian economy in the field of resource saving and energy efficiency. The company is a resident of the Kuzbass technopark and a participant of the '2035 Kemerovo region social and economic development program'.

The integrated nature of the project consists in simultaneous, all-encompassing implementation, started by the Company in June 2017, of the following subprojects: LNG production, its transportation services, development of liquefied gas filling infrastructure for using LNG as an automotive fuel, development and introduction of gas-diesel systems for medium- and heavy-duty quarry dump trucks, autogas system service backup, and, what's more, – in the opportunity to, based on the precious experience gained by the Company, replicate the present project.

'Sibir-Energo' company is now offering new possibilities. That is thanks to the new energy source that appeared in Kuzbass region – the liquefied natural gas, which is able to significantly improve ecological situation, boost energy saving levels of industrial processes, stimulate development and introduction of new innovative solutions, and increase marketability of the goods produced in the region by means of lowering fuel and energy cost factor in the production costs.

In June 2017, we placed in operation the first stage of the liquefied natural gas plant with a production capacity of 1.5 ton of LNG per hour.

Natural gas quota provided by Gazprom, the project area and utility networks provide the possibility to promptly boost the plant's capacity up to 7 ton of LNG per hour.

The plant is designed and manufactured 'turnkey' in a modular build based on a high-tech MRC process, providing 100% liquefaction of raw gas, high energy efficiency and production flexibility. All this makes a unique plant, which today has no analogues among facilities comparable in capacity in the Russian Federation.

Taking into account the specifics of Kuzbass region and the features of liquefied natural gas as an energy product, the main application field of the LNG produced by the Company is its use as an alternative fuel for medium- and heavy-duty dump trucks operated by coal mining enterprises.

To ensure the delivery of the LNG to our customers' site and the refueling of their vehicles, the company today operates 3 modern, unparalleled in the Russian Federation, cryogenic gas refueling trucks equipped with an LNG-dispenser, a fuel metering system and cryogenic tanks with the capacity ranging from 18 to 36.6 m³.

We design and arrange LNG-filling facilities on our clients' mining sites, which are suitable for refueling various types of vehicles, including quarry dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 130 tons.

Our professional engineers developed a gas-diesel system for medium- and heavy-duty quarry dump trucks. SCANIA and VOLVO vehicle type gas-diesel system provides diesel replacement of up to 70% with natural gas, depending on the operating conditions and modes.

The certified gas-diesel system for BELAZ-75131, with a carrying capacity of 130 tons and Cummins KTA-50 engine, makes it possible to replace 35-40% of diesel with natural gas, depending on the mining and technological conditions of a mine field where the vehicle is operated.

The complete set of design documentation has been coordinated and agreed upon with OJSC 'BELAZ' and signed by its chief designer. The BELAZ dump truck equipped with the gas-diesel system has successfully passed expert examination of industrial safety and has been granted the approval of Rostechnadzor (Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia) for operation in hazardous production facility.
motor trucks, C&C Trucks
dual-fuel 130-ton BelAZ
gas-diesel dump truck SCANIA
To date, partner companies of 'Sibir-Energo' operate the following LNG-run vehicles:
In the course of the implementation of the present integrated project, 'Sibir-Energo' company, due to having established the comprehensive system of LNG production and consumption as a motor fuel, is now forming full-fledged regional market for the new energy resource in Kuzbass region.
LNG consulting
Cryogenic equipment
Dual-fuel systems
Cryogenic autogas system service
In the course of LNG project implementation, our Company has independently solved the following tasks:

  • obtained natural gas quota from Gazprom
  • conducted an analysis and selection of the natural gas liquefying technology and its manufacturer
  • drew up the technical requirements specification, coordinated it with the foreign supplier and conducted control of compliance with the requirements specification by the supplier on the selection and manufacturing stage
  • certified the entire set of the foreign-made equipment
  • made the project documentation pass the expertise of the General Board of State Expert Review (Glazgosexpertiza)
  • customs clearance and delivery
  • conducted the entire complex of preparatory excavations at the plant site and the construction of utility networks
  • plant installation and commissioning works
  • placed LNG plant into operation
  • obtained the entire range of licensing documents and hazardous production facility license
  • LNG plant full-scale operation & LNG production

Thus, basing on successful experience in solving the abovementioned tasks, Sibir-Energo is now ready to both supply the LNG production line on a 'turnkey' basis, as well as to offer consulting services at any completion stage of similar projects.

Our Company offers a wide range of cryogenic equipment of various manufacturers, including:

  • automotive cryogenic fuel tanks
  • regasification systems
  • cryogenic gas carriers and cryogenic refueling trucks
We offer our self-developed gas-diesel system for various types of vehicles, including quarry dump truck BELAZ-75131 with a carrying capacity of 130 tons. The system is certified, and approved by Rostechnadzor for operation.

At the same time, no structural modifications are made in Cummins KTA-50 engine. All sensors are installed in standard positions, and the engine power does not change. When fully loaded in gas-diesel mode, engine rpm speed increases by 25%.
Our Company has extensive experience in re-equipping and servicing large fleet of gas engine vehicles.

  • We have a modern site where conversion to gas fuel, maintenance and aftersales service works are held. Total area is 1500 m3, which also hosts a warehouse with spare parts, consumables and special diagnostic equipment
  • All the works are conducted by highly qualified personnel with unique expertise in autogas systems and gas engines service, which is traced back to 2009
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